“Seeing death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean.”  ― David Searls

Who are the Tampa Bay Spirits?

We are a blended format team that utilizes both technical and sensitive investigators.
Our investigators have years of experience dealing with the paranormal.
TBS believes in conducting investigations with the utmost respect for the dead and the living.
We do not provoke or taunt spirit. The team does not research locations prior to arrival. 

In order to maintain our integrity, we do not charge for our services.


Investigator, Membership
Beth is a founding member of the Tampa Bay Spirits and has been investigating the paranormal for over 12 years. Beth is also in charge of Membership for the team. As a child, she experienced interacting with spirit on a regular basis. Since it was familial, she didn't learn to fear it. Beth uses her gift to bring a human perspective to our continuous search for evidence even at her own expense. She does not rely totally on her extra sensory input, Beth filters evidence through a true investigator's perspective. She truly is the heart of our team.
Investigator, Client Liaison
Les has been a paranormal investigator for over 12 years. He is a founding member of our team and our Client Liaison. Les is the first point of contact for a client needing help. He interviews the client to determine the type of activity experienced within the home. Les is the only one that knows the address and details of an investigation until just before the team arrives. He does not share this with the team to prevent bias. Les also serves as one of two Lead Techs and our Treasurer. It's not too much to say our team couldn't do without him!
Investigator, Media
Miki is a founding member of the Tampa Bay Spirits. She has been investigating the paranormal for over 10 years. Miki has seen Spirit her whole life and was frightened by it. As an adult. she sees her abilities as a gift and a tool to understand sources of activity. Miki loves history and her greatest desire is to link activity to actual events and persons. She believes, through Spirit, we can see a much more personal view of the past. Miki serves as our Web Master. She would like to credit YouTube videos for her technical knowledge and has no idea what she did.
Investigator, Researcher
Mary is our most experienced paranormal investigator with 13 years under her belt. Mary is a founding member of TBS and is our Lead Researcher. She has worked as a professional genealogist and is an investigator in her current profession. Mary can ferret out information on anything! She is an avid historian and we can depend on her finding information pertinent to our investigations. Mary is also a Sensitive and a skeptic. A rare find in our field!
Investigator, Client Liaison
Kristen is an experienced investigator with the Tampa Bay Spirits and has been investigating the paranormal for 7 years. She is careful to document the minute details that can make or break good evidence. Kristen is able to look at activity with the eye of a skeptic like a good investigator should. She assists Les with the role of the Client Liaison when needed. She can also be relied upon to help train new members on the basics of investigation and to dig in and assist with research. Talk about a Jack of All Trades!
Kathy has been investigating the paranormal with our team members off and on for 10 years. Kathy has also grown up seeing Spirit. She was never afraid of the Spirits because it was familial, as it was with her sister, Beth. Kathy's goal is to continue to develop her skills so she can provide even better information. There is nothing more distressing to paranormal investigators than believing a child spirit is trapped. Kathy is a nurturing soul and child spirits are often drawn to her.
Investigator, Lead Tech
Ian has been investigating with the Tampa Bay Spirits for just over two years. Ian is an electrician by trade and is our "Inspector Gadget" of the crew. Ian is a skeptic, and has a "show me" attitude to paranormal activity. The team relies on Ian and Les for equipment maintenance and set up. Without those two, we would be dead in the water. (sorry, couldn't resist!) Ian's goal is to find different avenues to documenting the paranormal.
Investigator, Tech
Kim has been a great addition to our team. She is willing to jump in and help with the detail work that bolsters our evidence. Kim has a straight-forward investigation style. She monitors the environmental changes while the techs and sensitives are performing their roles. Kim has also proven to be an adept researcher. Her ability to find out property details and previous occupancies give our genealogist a great starting point to fill in the case history.
Investigator, Tech
Donnie is a member of our tech team and has been investigating with the Tampa Bay Spirits for two years. Donnie was not sure what to think about the Sensitives' role in a paranormal investigation. He watched our Sensitives' reveal to the client after a silent walk-through and was surprised at their level of accuracy and detail. Donnie assists the tech team with set up and with whatever is needed. We are happy to have him aboard.